The Goal of Soul Fire WV

Soul Fire WV ( was created by Savannah Schroll Guz to share the many exciting things that are happening in West Virginia’s northernmost counties, Hancock and Brooke. Our region is in transition and seeking a new identity; this website, which will highlight the overlooked pockets of cultural and economic activity that tend to take a backseat to civil and criminal news, is intended to play a role not only in the formation of that new identity, but represent who we are to communities outside the Hancock and Brooke county borders. Check back twice weekly, as there will be posts about and pictures of the many wonderful things that are happening in our region!

Do you have an event or story that you would like to share on this site? Send them to Please be sure to include in the subject line: “Soul Fire WV submission.”

Why the name “Soul Fire”? Because our community was built on fire. It powered our mills and our kilns. While it can destroy, it also spurs renewal. It is evidence of fuel, and it is at the core of each of us, what makes us who we are as a community. Ultimately, fire–the passion to revitalize our region–is what will move us forward as a community.

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